More information about top law firms in Chandigarh High Court

Law firms in Chandigarh High Court

The modern day life especially in cities like Chandigarh is essentially full of legal transactions and deals. All spheres of life involve law in one form or another. Be it marriage, adoption, divorce, tax, crime or intellectual property. Thus whenever people want the transaction that they’re entering into to be legally valid and its terms enforceable, which means the assistance of lawyers is indispensable. Thus, law firms play a key role in drafting and negotiating transaction documents and managing deals, using both their legal knowledge and their market awareness. And whenever disputes arise law firm’s lawyers can help to resolve these, or to settle them in court or through other processes. Law firms also give an ongoing legal perspective to clients on their legal issues.

Law firms in Chandigarh High Court

Chandigarh is emerging as a new abode of some of the best law firms in this country. There are numerous instances such as criminal prosecution, property disputes to divorce when there is need for legal help. In such circumstances it is imperative to, find, select, and hire of a law firm which is perfect to represent you or advice you. Different law firms in Chandigarh specialise in different legal areas. As a result, it is indispensable that you making a well informed decision while choosing a law firm for your legal issues.
Law firms in Chandigarh practise in different legal areas such as corporate law, Intellectual property law, criminal law, property law just to name a few. So let us have general discussion about law firms in Chandigarh since they form such an important part of our public and private lives in modern world.

Types of Law Firms in Chandigarh
Law firms come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. They range from single-attorney law practices to multi-state, multi-staffed legal organizations. In addition, law firms in Chandigarh are generally equipped to handle nearly every legal challenge of individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

There are a variety of law firms to choose from depending on your legal issue. They can be broken down in to various categories by size, type of practice, (for example, litigation, criminal defence etc), location, or legal topic (like personal injury law, family law or tax law.) Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits all solution to solving legal problems, but choosing the right law firm can make the difference between a successful outcome and missed opportunity. Deciding which law firm to hire will depend on a lot of factors – including your finances, geographical location, personal work preferences, and your specific legal challenge or need. Law firms typically focus on and specialise in one (or sometimes two) areas of law, often with the goal of becoming an expert in their chosen practice area. Thus having a rough understanding of the various legal practice areas and what they cover will aid you in locating the right law firm in Chandigarh for your needs.
Solo law firms operate as “jacks of all trades,” offering legal services in a range of practice areas. Or they focus on one particular niche or area of law. But, Legal professionals employed in larger law firms specialize in one or two specific areas.
So let’s have a look at the brief over view of the various types of law firms available in Chandigarh:

Law Firms by Practice Area
Tax Law
Criminal Law
Bankruptcy Law
Family Law
Appellate Law
Labour and Employment
Products Liability
Environmental Law (also known as Green Law)
Intellectual Property Law
We will try to cover each of these practice areas in detail, with practical information. You may also want to read our previous articles in which we discussed various important issues such as How to determine if you need a Lawyer and How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Lawyer? What to do if you do not have the financial ability to hire a top-notch lawyer? How to find a good lawyer in such instances?
Let us take a brief overview of some legal practice areas you may need help with:
Legal issues like Divorce, Service matters, Wills, Tax laws etc come under the preview of civil law. Generally case is registered by a private party under Civil Law. Law firms practising civil law in Chandigarh represent corporate firms as well as individual clients with respect to their civil litigation matters. They provide one of the nation’s best services in litigation and dispute resolution
Family law- Law firms
Family law encompasses a wide variety of issues which are domestic:, marriage; divorce; adoption; paternity; child custody and support; and reproductive rights. Law firms focusing on divorce also handle child support and other related matters, Such as Divorce Property Division
Family disputes by its very nature cannot every time be solved by litigation approach. We manage family disputes and if possible try to solve it through mediation. Our Divorce lawyers in Chandigarh provide customized legal solutions according to the need of the client to resolve family law issues. We assist clients on following matters: • Demand of dowry under section 498A • Divorce by mutual consent • Child custody • Divorce under section 13 of HMA • Domestic violence • Alimony under section 125 of CRPC.
Law firms in Chandigarh understand that Family law requires an unusual combination of sensitivity and strength. They provide legal advice and practical solutions, coupled with a high level of personal service and assist clients to effectively overcome this difficult life episode. They have an excellent track record in obtaining the best possible legal, financial and emotional outcome – as quickly as possible. This enables all their clients to commence the next stage of their lives with clarity and purpose.
Family law firms in Chandigarh provide comprehensive services in the following legal areas:
Child custody, Child support, Divorce, Enforcement of orders, Financial agreements, Intervention orders, Litigation & court proceedings, Mediation, Separation, Spousal maintenance, Surrogacy, Property division & settlement, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Violence, Family Law Appeals, Grandparents’ Rights, Legal Separation, Paternity, Post-Dissolution Issues, Prenuptial Agreements, Visitation / Parenting Time
Numerous law firms in Chandigarh provide expert services in handling property disputes, rent matters; tenant & landlord related disputes and rent matters. Such law firms have successfully assisted various real estate builders and brokers in the tricity area. Major litigation areas of such firms are Rent disputes, Land acquisition cases, Partition of ancestral property disputes etc. With aim being getting speedy remedies for clients
Immigration law firms
People in Punjab area including Chandigarh have always harboured the dream to either study abroad or to settle there. And there are many law firms in Chandigarh that are helping them realise their dream Immigration law firms focus mainly on business immigration, family immigration, or both. A business immigration lawyer in the firm might help a business obtain a foreign worker visa, while a family immigration lawyer in the firm might help someone adjust their status.

In past few years Chandigarh has seen a revival of Cafe culture and many new hotels have sprung up as well to cater to the needs of tricity. A number of licences and permissions are required before starting a hotel in Chandigarh. Generally licences are granted for a period for one year and with annual renewal. Getting all the licences is a very difficult task but Law firms operating in this domain make this a breezy affair for you by assisting you on each and every step. The licence required for a hotel depends on factors like the star rating of the hotel and the location and type of hotel etc. Some of the licences are:-Building permit, Fire safety permit , Trade licence , ESI registration , PF registration , Liquor licence , FSSAI licence ,GST Registration etc
Business Law firms
Business law firms help entrepreneurs in starting new businesses. They advise small business owners on a variety of matters. They also work with large corporations; advice on business taxation issues; and assist with mergers and acquisitions, among other tasks. Law firms handling issues pertaining to intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks) tend to specialize in that niche.

Commercial Litigation
Law firms in Chandigarh working in the area of commercial litigation represent clients in complex real estate and business disputes across all industries. Chandigarh’s litigation attorneys are hands-on leaders, in and out of court. These pragmatic, result-oriented, and zealous lawyers work with clients to insure they understand all facets of the litigation process. Such firms are involved in developing a successful litigation strategy.
Law firms in Chandigarh have significant experience in handling critical, high-stakes litigation matters, including contract disputes, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, real estate development issues, leasing and ownership disputes, corporate investigation and governance, director and officer liability, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, copyright and trademark disputes, landowner disputes, and title disputes.
To be the most prepared legal team, professionals, including attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, document managers and support staff, work with clients throughout the litigation process. Chandigarh’s law firms take full advantage of the wealth and breadth of experience of attorneys and support staff. However working in a team environment doesn’t mean that clients pay higher fees or that cases are overstaffed. We recognize clients need a way to control the ever-rising costs of litigation. Thus many law firms offer alternative fee arrangements, including capped fees, flat fees, budgeted payment plans, and result-oriented billing. Thus commercial litigation law firms in Chandigarh provide the highest quality result-oriented representation in all phases of litigation, from the first pleadings, to discovery, to trial and appeal.
Tax related Law firms
There are many Law firm in Chandigarh which specialize in either business taxes or individual and household taxes within this particular area of law. They help their clients negotiating a payment plan for overdue tax obligations; determine ways to lower their tax bill; or help the businesses and corporations prepare for an audit.
Tax Law firms provide experienced Representation in Court.
Every now and then a simple audit turns into a more convoluted dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This may involve disagreements about how tax laws should be applied or issues with attempts by the IRS to collect taxes that may be owed, whether personally or by business. Chandigarh has experienced firms working for the IRS’s Offices of District Counsel and is familiar with the various avenues for dispute resolution. If a controversy with the IRS has become more than either you or your accountant want to handle, Chandigarh’s firms can provide experienced counsel to help plan the best possible resolution of your case, and represent your interests in negotiations or appeals with the IRS.

All flourishing businesses in Chandigarh share one common element – expert legal advice accessed at an early stage. Armed with firm’s legal expertise your business will be established on firm foundations. These firms provide pre-contract advice, assistance with negotiations, contractual documentation, structural advice and business issues – through to eventual succession planning and implementation.
Leasing is another area of particular expertise. Firms provide aid with all forms of leasing contractual issues, risk assessment and policy implementation. Expert taxation advice ensures you don’t pay any more tax than is absolutely necessary. Thus it is important to remember that early advice is good advice.
Other services provided by firms in the realm of commercial law are: Business acquisitions & sales, Business succession planning, Corporate structures, Franchising,, Information technology, Intellectual property, Leases, Taxation advice, Trusts, Wealth creation structures
Law firms working in tax laws and commercial litigation serve diverse client groups including Business owners, Corporations, Family businesses, Industry groups, Small & medium enterprises, Sole traders
Estate planning law firms
Estate planning is an area of law involving the safeguarding and planned disposition of assets and interests prior to one’s death or disabling condition. It is important to hire a reputed law firm for handling your deeds & documents. Since a Legal will is generally made in order to avoid any problems to family members. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, it can also spell out exactly how you would like things handled after you have passed on. A will has to be signed by 2 individual witnesses and registered. Thus making a registered will involves a lot of legal points and Law firm lawyers will take care about everything to avoid problems in future.Many law firms work solely in this domain. For example, aiding in writing a will; setting up a trust; and making sure your health care and end-of-life wishes are honoured.
Real Estate Law firms
Real estate law firms assist their clients with numerous things from avoiding foreclosure to fighting an eviction. Some firms even specialize in landlord-tenant law, while others focus on the buying and selling of homes.
Such firms represent clients in all facets of a commercial real estate transaction, and in all types of transactions. Real estate law services available in Chandigarh include assistance with the purchase and sale of real estate, land development, land use planning, zoning, annexation, leasing, subdivision, water rights and transfers, and oil and gas matters.
Real estate practice also involves the structuring, negotiating and drafting for the leasing, purchase, financing and sale of real estate, taking into consideration the tax ramifications of such transactions. The firms also have the expertise to determine the most appropriate form of entity for ownership with suitable exit strategies for the individual investors.
Real Estate Focused Litigation law firms are also experienced at representing clients in real estate disputes, including boundary disputes, partition actions, judicial foreclosures, mechanic’s liens, lien priority disputes, tax sales, and quiet title actions. Law firms in Chandigarh provide focused knowledge and experience in real estate matters. Chandigarh has firms which are uniquely qualified to represent clients in any dispute or lawsuit involving real property.
Why do you need an attorney for my real estate closing?
The simple answer is that you are required to have one. The state mandates that an attorney certify that you are getting clear title when a property is sold or refinanced in order to obtain title insurance, which is required by all lenders. This certification and title insurance will protect you from claims that may arise against the property in the future. For example, if someone claims that you do not own the property, or that a previous owner owed them money that they should be able to collect out of the value of the house, if there are unpaid taxes, or if there are boundary disputes, having good title can give you a solid defense and limit your liabilityEven if it was not required, having an attorney to help coordinate the transaction is the best way to ensure that your most important purchase is done correctly and efficiently.

How can your real estate firm help you?
Apart from coordinating the closing of a purchase or sale of real estate real estate firms also provide services like: Contract and deed drafting, negotiation, and real estate related litigation, Partitions, Income, estate, and gift tax ramifications of sales, Foreclosures, Landlord tenant law and litigation, Lease and purchase options, Mortgages and wraparound mortgages, Real estate disclosures, Real estate financing, Seller financing, Title examinations and title insurance, Zoning, land-use, permits and variances

Employment Law firms/ Firms dealing with service matters

Employment and labour law firms represent either employers (businesses) or employees. A firm representing an employer might help the business come into compliance with a new labour law, while a firm representing employees might help in filing a lawsuit for harassment or wrongful termination, Employment Discrimination etc
Service matter Law firms practicing in Chandigarh such our firm, make sure that employer, governments and private corporations and corporate hold up their end of the agreement with employees. Firms also make sure that the above mentioned parties meet their legal obligations and treat employees with dignity, fairness, and respect and implement employment laws of India like Industrial Disputes Act. Experienced employment firms have been fighting with employers to ensure the employees’ rights.
Top firms help the employees to confront the harassment at the place of work, unlawful constructive dismissal and wrongful dismissal/ removal from employment. Indian law protects the employees from unfair treatment and unjust dismissal by a progressive regime of statutes, rules, notifications, bye-laws and judge-made laws evolved since independence and adoption of Constitution of India. Thus termination of Employees without a just cause should be remunerated by the employers. Also any such termination must be in accordance with Principles of Natural Justice. Employment / service matter firms in Chandigarh understand the emotional trauma that a termination, or harassment at the place of work or denial of disability benefits can bring to an employee. The firms legally assist all kinds of vulnerable employees and their families to fight their legal battles. The services available in this arena in Chandigarh include areas of: Employment Contracts/ Adhoc or other employment, Human Rights in service matter cases, Labour Court Cases, Pay Scale disparity, Promotion matters, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in service – lodging of Police complaints and FIRs, Unfair minor and major punishments, Workers Compensation, Workers Overtime – like PRTC cases in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh, Unlawful suspension, removal and dismissal etc

Criminal Law Firms
Criminal law firms’ deal with prosecution and defense of individuals charged with committing criminal acts. When someone commits theft, for example, the defendant is prosecuted by the state and is defended by either a public defender or a private defense attorney.
We have some of the Best Criminal firms in Chandigarh. They are well equipped to handle all types of criminal charges. The advocates are concerned with protecting your rights. They have the resources and persistence to help secure the best possible outcomes for you. If you are facing charges for any criminal offense then law firms in Chandigarh can take your case, fight for your rights, and help you get injustice. The criminal law firms assist people with full commitment and dedication and try to get speedily justice for them. Criminal Litigation includes Frauds, Cheque dishonour and quashing of FIR etc. Practice areas such firms in Chandigarh include white collar crime (financially motivated crimes of non violent nature – such crimes are committed by businesses and government professionals), criminal and quasi-criminal litigation. dedicated criminal law firms have experience at all levels of courts including:- Supreme Court of India, Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh, District courts in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.
Law firms in Chandigarh also deal with cases relating to Central bureau of investigation (CBI), Narcotics Control Bureau, and Vigilance Department. They represent clients –
• who have not got Justice from the police authorities even after making numerous representations to the police;
• who feel that police are corrupt and are helping the accused because the accused have bribed the police.
Such criminal cases in general are highly intricate matters that need consideration in each and every detail. Apart from CBI, Chandigarh also has have considerable experience in handling cases relating to narcotics control bureau and state vigilance Department’s under Prevention of Corruption Act.

Law firms which specialize in criminal defence a often focus on representing well to do private clients who can afford their own criminal defense attorney (as opposed to being represented by a public defender.). A person accused with criminal charges will often hire a criminal defense lawyer to assist them in all stages of the criminal process in order to reduce the serious penalties often associated with criminal charges.
Besides, because of the high stake in criminal proceedings, lawyers who work within criminal defense law firms are usually very skilled and knowledgeable about the laws and procedures. The cost of hiring a criminal defense law firm will vary based on many variables such as the law firm’s experience, track record and location.
Criminal court cases in India are of many types. Some of these cases are Anticipatory Bails and Regular Bails, Trial and Evidence under provisions of CrPC, Domestic Violence matters includingcases under section 498A of IPC
Bank/ Financial Institutions Fraud and Forgery and cases under Prevention of Corruption Act under which courts act very strictly in India, Misappropriation of funds, Embezzlement
Criminal proceedings initiated for violation of IPR/ Intellectual Property Rights/ Cyber Laws and Piracy, Dishonour of Cheques (s.138 of Negotiable Instruments Act), Criminal Breach of, Trust, Cheating, Juvenile Justice Act, Narcotics and Drugs violations under NDPS Act, Offenses affecting the human body such as murder, rape, dowry death, kidnapping etc, Offenses against Property such as theft, extortion, robbery, cheating, dacoity etc

CHEQUE BOUNCE: Cheque dishonour is a criminal offence in India and is punishable with imprisonment upto 2 years or with fine or with both. In case of cheque dishonour the payee has to send a legal notice to the drawer within 30 days from the date of receiving of ‘Cheque Return Memo’ from the bank . It should be clearly mentioned in the legal notice that the cheque amount has to be paid within 15 days and if the drawer fails to make the fresh payment then the payee has a right to file a a complaint under section 138 of the Negotiable instruments Act.

Personal Injury Law firms
Chandigarh also has firms specialised in personal injury law. These firms handle medical malpractice claims; car accidents; product liability claims; torts, including defamation and invasion of privacy; and other accidents or injuries. They aid you in filing a claim if you have been injured by another party or need to be defended against a plaintiff’s claim such as Slip and Fall Injuries, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress etc.

What is the client base of law firm in Chandigarh?
Law firms in Chandigarh have a very diverse client base. Law firms in Chandigarh represent individuals as well such as in cases of divorce, separation, adoption etc. The vast majority of law firm’s clients are businesses such as corporate organisations, from huge multinational publicly-listed ones, to national chains and small start-ups. Investment banks and other financial services organisations, such as insurance companies and investment funds, are also their key clients. Some commercial law firms act for governments as well. Some act for individuals in the business world in relation to tax planning or financial crime.
Most law firms also do some legal work for free for charities, community organisations and individuals – i.e. pro bono work – as part of corporate and social responsibility.
A law firm also defines its scope by the types of clients it represents and the variety of services it offers to those clients. A law firm distinguishes itself by the results it achieves for its clients.

Fighting legal battles can often be a time-consuming process, and exhausts many of us not only physically, but financially and emotionally as well. If you are exploring the option of hiring a law firm, it is best that you hire the best law firm possible as per your needs. There are a plethora of law firms available in Chandigarh to choose from for different clients: private and public companies from India and abroad, local and international banks, development finance agencies and non-government organisations in all sectors of the economy. You as a client can get professional legal advice on business law, corporate finance and capital markets, project finance, financial services, banking, power, telecommunications law, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and horticulture.
You have multiple options to choose from in Chandigarh law firms for representation in litigation and dispute resolution advice in all of these areas. To meet the expectations of the clients law firms in Chandigarh have arranged their practice so as to provide teams of lawyers for large-scale transactions as and when needed. Their transaction teams are led by experienced partners who are involved in all aspects of the matter.
Law firm’s main objective is to provide high quality legal and commercial advice through an efficiently managed professional practice that will facilitate the clients’ business dealings. Thus, you must make sure that you choose the right firm according to the area of your legal issue.